bitforms gallery nyc

Steven Sacks has started 3 businesses. Digital Pulp, softwareARTspace and bitforms gallery. With all of them he recognized a change in society and culture and reacted. Digital Pulp addressed the blossoming of the dot com and how to nurture and grow this new breed of company. bitforms gallery responded to a new and sometimes earlier generation of artists who push the boundaries of how art is created and defined. softwareARTspace was created to define and educate a wider audience on the concept of software as an artistic tool.

In 2000, after attending ground-breaking exhibitions at the Whitney Museum, SF MOMA and the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Sacks became intrigued by the growing field of new media art. Recognizing that this type of art needed to be better understood and presented before it would be accessible to art collectors and curators, he began researching the commercial gallery market and soon discovered that there was an opportunity to specialize – thus he opened bitforms gallery in 2001. Engaged in a contemporary focus on the visual discourse of new media culture, bitforms gallery supports historical and mid-career figures, in addition to launching emerging artists. The gallery’s program draws upon a diverse range of disciplines and perspectives, supporting a roster of represented artists who participate in leading international exhibitions. The gallery artists have been featured in The New York Times, Art in America, Art Forum, Art News and many other publications. Sacks recently spoke at the presitigious Art Basel Switzerland on “Collecting New Media Art”.

Peter Hirshberg

Re:Imagine Group Chairman


Peter Hirshberg has led emerging media and technology companies at the center of disruptive change for more than 25 years. He is Chairman of Re:imagine Group which shapes strategies at the confluence of people, places, brands and cities.

He’s co-founder and Chairman of San Francisco’s Gray Area Foundation for the Arts where he’s led initiatives at the forefront of citizen engagement in smart cities, open data and digital art. These include San Francisco’s Summer of Smart civic hackathon program with 16 mayoral candidates and Urban Prototyping in Singapore, London, San Francisco, Geneva and Zurich. As advisor to the United Nations Global Pulse project, he’s addressed the U.N. General Assembly on real-time data for international development.

Peter was founder and CEO of Elemental Software, served as president and CEO of Gloss.com and is former Chairman of Technorati, the pioneering social media search engine and ad network During a nine year tenure at Apple Computer, Hirshberg headed Enterprise Marketing. He is a Senior Fellow at the USC Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership and a Henry Crown fellow of the Aspen Institute.

Peter is a frequent technology and media industry speaker, having presented at TED, the World Economic Forum, DLD, EG the Entertainment Gathering, and The Aspen Ideas Festival. Peter Hirshberg earned his bachelor’s degree at Dartmouth College and his MBA at Wharton.